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Series INC-S01 Submersible Inclinometer

Part Number: INC-S01


Submersible Stainless Steel Inclinometer


Range of angle orientations and axis available

Available as 4...20mA

with a +/- 60 degree range on both axis


IP68 rated to 5,000m (15,000ft) 500 bar depth


Uses subsea MacArtney Connector

Uses this internal inclinometer - PTAM27 from ASM

Technical Data Connection Options
Operating temp: - 20 ...+   60 degrees C Cable
-   4 ...+ 140 degrees F Ground Blue
Max frequency: 150 kHz Excitation Brown
Current consumption: 80 mA (max.) Signal X White
Power supply: 18-36V Signal Y Black
Weight: 2.5Kg
Protection: IP 66/67 Outputs
Housing: S. Steel 4...20mA: - XXo = 4mA and +XXo = 20mA
Humidity: Up to 98% permissible 0.5...4.5V: - XXo = 0.5V and +XXo = 4.5V
Shock: 10g (6msec)
Vibration: 5g (500 Hz)
Inclinometer Electronics used:
Uses this internal inclinometer - PTAM27 from ASM

Mounting Instructions and Dimensions

Hook up the inclinometer with the connections as described.  Make sure power supply meets specifications.  Attach unit to machine or device and use the arrows indicating inclination as reference as to which axis the measurements take place.


Orientation of axis as standard is as follows:

**angle is engraved for easy reference, depends on part number, diagram shown is example of 60 degrees



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