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CAL-00X - Calcimeter


Part Number: CAL - 00X


Clear acrylic calcimeter

With ProSens digital pressure sensor

With Swagelok relief valve


Complies with ASTM D 4373-84 Standards


Same design as used by major service companies

Technical Data Connection Options
Operating temp: - 0 ...+   40 degrees C 4pin M12
- 32 ...+ 104 degrees F Wiring per user manual
Certification: Not for hazardous areas
Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg) Usage
Protection: N/A Sample to be measured is crushed and reacted with 10%
Material Bottle: Clear Acrylic

HCL to form CO2.  The build up of pressure is measured and

Material Cap: Clear Acrylic

compared against that of a sample of pure calcium carbonate

Material Stirrer/Spoon: Clear Acrylic that has undergone the same reaction.  The percentage of
Power Supply Gauge: 18-30V calcium is a function of the pressure, a relative measurement
Output: 4...20mA/0-10V Select.  
Pressure Range: -1.8 to 36.25 psig Manual
Complete manual for download
-Clear case allows user to see reaction
-Acrylic is resistant to HCL
-Digital output can be output direct to system


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